How to convert website traffic into sales ?

To achieve sales, e-commerce platforms face a significant challenge: transforming visitors into potential customers.

All their efforts and marketing strategies revolve around a single question : how to convert website traffic into sales ? Do you have an online store already attracting a substantial flow of visitors? Discover below all the information needed to encourage your prospects to make purchases.

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The different stages of the sales funnel

If you’re looking how to convert website traffic into sales, the best approach is to master the concept of the sales funnel. This notion represents the image of a funnel narrowing down based on visitors’ buying journey. Depending on the adopted strategy, the sales funnel can have several stages, but only three are very important.

The attraction phase

As the introductory phase of the sales funnel, this stage gathers internet users interested in one of your web pages and who visit your site to learn more. By following this path, these individuals become your visitors. In this phase, the marketing strategy focuses solely on raising awareness among internet users. It’s essential to implement good SEO and use effective marketing tools.

The interaction phase

If your website meets the needs and expectations of your visitors, they take the step and try to contact you. They enter the interaction phase of your sales funnel. It’s through this process that your e-commerce generates leads. Through CTA buttons and contact forms, your visitors leave their email addresses, contact information, or phone numbers.

The conversion phase

The conversion represents the final stage of your visitors’ buying journey. Generally, it involves only 3% of internet users who have visited your website. It’s during this phase that you can convert your prospects into potential buyers. It’s important to implement a marketing strategy that encourages them to consider one of your service offerings or complete their purchase.

How to convert views into sales ?

In e-commerce, the number of views on a website is much more volatile and unpredictable compared to the number of visits. To convert these views into sales, the adopted strategy must convince within the first glance or within 30 seconds of the page loading. Visuals remain the main priority for the site in this case.

Incorporating user-adapted content into e-commerce

Visual content on a site is a powerful tool to capture users’ attention. These readers are demanding and always in a hurry. To persuade them at first glance, focus on the quality of your photos and highlight information directly related to your products. Prices, product descriptions, and payment conditions should be strategically placed, especially in the upper part of the pages.

Designing a Mobile-friendly site

Today, most consumers make purchases through their smartphones or tablets. Therefore, the content on your website should be adapted to the screen format of these devices. You can use the inverted pyramid technique for writing textual content. Texts should be concise and well-structured. It’s also important to integrate audio-visual content as soon as possible.

How to turn traffic into sales ?

Converting traffic into sales is a laborious process that requires expertise in digital marketing. Each page of the e-commerce platform must pique visitors’ interest and encourage them to fully explore their buying journey. Here are key tips that can help improve the conversion rate of your online store.

1- Targeting the right visitors

Targeting technique plays a crucial role in digital marketing. Without it, your site might attract only window shoppers, resulting in a very low conversion rate. To avoid this issue, the best solution is to adopt a technique that attracts the right prospects. Two options are available in this case: creating an ideal customer profile and using the right keywords.

2- Carefully design the website

The website is a showcase that reflects the company’s image. To strengthen your brand’s credibility with visitors, it must be designed according to standards. A professional e-commerce site should have faster loading times, an intuitive menu, and no technical errors. Pages should have internal links to facilitate navigation.

3- Opt for a unique selling proposition

The unique selling proposition is the best way to stand out from the competition and better convince prospects. Showcasing the different strengths of your company through your messaging is essential. You can offer more personalized services, free returns, conditional discounts, etc.

4- Adopt strong CTAs

To increase click through rate on your site and drive more sales, focus on powerful CTAs. In general, prospects are more easily convinced by a brief, concise call to action that directly resonates with them. Also, create a sense of urgency through your CTAs. This is an infallible approach to encourage visitors to make decisions more quickly.