About us

Shiftcode LTD. was founded by Lay Nadji who is a self-taught UX/UI specialist and web enthusiastic He then started to teach himself about SEO. Since SEO is a very vast & a constantly evolving domain, he really got into it and became an SEO Guru.
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In 2020 when the covid19 pandemic started, he decided to do a leap of faith and opened his own company, the idea was not to depend on anyone to earn a living and build something from scratch. the first months were a bit rough but thanks to his network, his company took off and kept growing.

Core Values

Shiftcode LTD. is at the image of its founder: we strive to understand our clients; we work mostly by recommendations or after in-depth discussions with our clients.

We want to ascertain a clear mutual understanding, notably on the methodology and on the process that will lead to what our clients wants for achievement. Because creating a website or working on its ranking enhancement requires that all parties trust each other, and work in close collaboration on a daily basis. We see our clients as real partners, so that “your success is our success”.