How to rank higher on google local services ?

Google Ads local campaigns, also known as Google Local Services, remain the optimal choice for small businesses to rank higher on google and seeking to boost their visibility in local areas. Complementing local SEO efforts, this approach ensures strong visibility in local search results. To secure a top position in Google Local Services ranking, providers must, however, adopt a robust and effective strategy. Numerous tips and tools are available to assist them in this endeavor. 

Rank Higher On Google

What do Google local services entail ?

To fully leverage Google Ads local campaigns, it’s crucial to grasp the fundamentals of this service. It acts as a hybrid between Google Ads and Google My Business, specifically designed by the web giant for small businesses offering local services such as plumbing, locksmithing, flooring, or cleaning. This tool also caters to providers in carpentry, electrical work, moving services, cladding, waste collection, roofing, HVAC, etc. Understanding these basics is paramount for effective utilization.  

Google local services offer several advantages to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Indeed, they provide :

  • An easy-to-set-up SEA campaign : With Google local services, businesses save time with streamlined ad creation. Technical aspects are taken care of by Google, eliminating concerns for the company.
  • A payment system tailored for small businesses : Google local services operate on a lead-based payment system, ensuring the acquisition of quality leads. Moreover, businesses can manage their budget as needed, with the flexibility to suspend the campaign at any time.
  • The opportunity to obtain a Google Guarantee Badge : After verification, Google grants specific advertisers a badge that enhances their credibility. This visual element is displayed on the company’s Google My Business profile, instilling confidence in online users.

 Google local services are designed to make Google Ads more accessible for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). To initiate campaigns using this tool, the first step is to verify the eligibility of your business sector. Following this, create a profile for your company by opening a separate Google account, distinct from your Google My Business account. This enables easy management of your weekly budget, service areas, and business hours.

Best strategies to leverage Google Ads local campaigns

In the online realm, experts unanimously advocate for combining multiple strategies and diversifying traffic channels to conquer the market. Achieve superior outcomes by blending Google Ads local campaigns with other Google tools like Google My Business and Google Trends. The key lies in refining their usage to establish a coherent and effective strategy.

Rank higher on google on Google Maps

With each query for local services, note that the web giant displays a map featuring pins indicating local service providers. Registered businesses within the relevant location are prioritized. This process significantly influences a consumer’s decision-making. Google Maps becomes a crucial tool for standing out in the local market. Optimizing your presence on this tool sets the stage for more effective Google Ads local campaigns.

To avail Google local services, the business must possess a Google My Business account. It’s crucial to note that all details regarding local ads on Google Maps, including customer reviews, stem from this profile. Hence, refining your Google profile is essential. With a polished visual appeal and updated information, your business becomes more visible, making it easier to entice users to click on your profile.

If you aspire to rank in the top 3 of Google local services, prioritize optimizing your profile. Update all pertinent business information such as name, address, phone number, website, and operating hours. Employ high-quality images for visuals, whether showcasing your business, products, or services. Additionally, gather positive customer reviews to bolster your company’s credibility.  

Monitor local search trends with Google Trends

Google Trends is an analysis and measurement tool used to gauge the performance of a keyword in local searches. It categorizes data based on category, time, or location. Leveraging this tool allows you to monitor trends over a specific period, helping you stay updated and informed. The data generated by this tool can be a wealth of information to fine-tune your Google Ads local campaigns. Utilizing this information aids in incorporating relevant keywords into your ads based on current trends. This approach significantly enhances your business visibility on Google Maps.